Hardwood Flooring


Pre-finished hard wood floors have the color and finish already applied in the factory. Pre-finished floors simply need to be installed however; the installation of a pre-finished product is more time consuming due to the additional care in the installation. One drawback to pre-finished wood flooring is that the flooring is usually produced with beveled edging. Pre-finished flooring is not smooth from board to board and has beveled edges which can be traps for dirt and dust.

Installing a solid pre-finished floor is a way to forgo the sanding, staining, and finishing process. This is a good alternative for those with allergies or other health related issues. A properly manufactured solid pre-finished wood floor can be sanded multiple times as with unfinished flooring.

Some common brands of solid Wood Flooring are Mercier, Bruce, and Mirage to name a few.


Traditionally hardwood floors are installed sanded and finished onsite. This process can take up to 3-7 days depending on the size of the room and if there are any borders or inlays to install or any other intricate patterns.

When installing using the traditional process, the customer has a better selection of wood and lengths to choose from as well as patterns and colors. There are no beveled edges as with pre-finished flooring and the sanding and refinishing process produces a smooth transition from board to board. This process produces a more pristine appearance than any pre-finished flooring.

You can get 8 or 9 sanding out of a properly installed and maintained hardwood floor.

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